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About our company

M/s. Sri Shunmuga Shipping Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2003 at Tuticorin, 2009 in Chennai & Hyderabad recently. Our main activities are customs clearing & forwarding, freight forwarding & transportation. We have an efficient global network to satisfy all our clients. We also have a dynamic & dedicated staff to handle any type of cargo. We have a very good rapport with all the government agencies. We specialize in handling import of textile machineries and export of garments, cotton yarn & fabrics. We have reputed & reliable clients in and out of India. We are also working as representatives for highly reputed spinning mills in India. We have branches & associates all over India. The success behind our growth is team work and we strongly believe that unity is strength.

We don’t compromise with quality.
Best services are guaranteed for you.


Company is registered with ministry of shipping (Govt of India) to act as a MTO in India. We issue our own bills of lading which is covered with insurance to prevent our clients from any unexpected loss or damages


Apart from shipping, our company involved in Import as well as Export on a regular basis by using our own license. We used to import all metals and minerals and export vegetable, spices, garments & rice through our reliable agents around the world.


We are also registered with Indian Customs as a steamer Agent in the year of 2004. We can handle any type of Break Bulk Vessels and act as a consol agent at all Indian Ports.

Dir Gen Shipping

Drugs & cosmetics Act license



TCBA-Membership cert